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What have you decided shyness is?
What if shyness is your superpower, just not acknowledged yet?
What if embracing your shyness can give you a new space in life and living? 

Shyness is usually a result of trying to create a space in which you feel safe. For many of us,
it becomes easier to keep to yourself than to be out in the
world and be seen. “

Have you been hiding behind what shyness can create for you? How many of you have identified
your shyness as a way to hide your difference?

The greatest gift you are is the difference you are.

What would it take to expand your consciousness and be able to go beyond
any limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs around  (your) shyness?

What if shyness is your gift to you and the world? 


22 February
16:00 – 17:00 CET
Your time and date in the world.

We can make translation possible from 6 paying registrations.
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Replay is available after the class.

As a little child, I always wondered why people had to make so much fuss about things that seemed so irrelevant, why people were so loud, and most of all, so convinced how I was as a human being and how I had to behave accordingly.
Did they not see the magic, miracles, and beings I saw?

Shyness became one of my coping mechanisms to deal with the lies and harshness of the world.

Later on in life, still not knowing who I was, I could be really shy around men I liked, being in front of the class. I was either being the clown or invisible.
The access tools gave me so much insight on the way to becoming my authentic self. And that is still an ongoing exploration to this day. But now happily and excitedly!

Facilitating the tools and empowering others and still challenging myself to become more of me every day. No more hiding.

What can we explore together with this call!