FREE Breaking Free | 10 jun

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FREE CHALLENGE 4 nights to breaking free from money structures.

Structures keep us in a loop of resisting & reacting, aligning and agreeing with any presumptive reality with money.

Is your brain repeating the past like a record player with all the limiting beliefs? Are they even yours? Is now the time to create a roadmap to a liberating future by breaking down these structures and turn them into functioning systems of creation? Systems that will contribute to Consciousness!

What vulnerability can you have with money that will allow you to go beyond all the limiting structures you bought as yours?

Join us 4 days for this Free Money de-structuring challenge!



English speaking challenge facilitated by Annet Melis with the tools of Access Consciousness.

What would it take to expand your consciousness and be able to go beyond any limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs in area of your life?


Every Day
Starting on the 10 of June
19:00 CET
Your time in the world


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Replay is available after the class.